A breath of fresh air

What Members Say

Here’s what To Our Health! members say:

Members volunteered to do video interviews. These are unedited quotes.

Number one, to have my employer be supporting the workers in this way, that was such a morale boost and also just to be reminded to know what I know that there are so many resources that I have at hand and so much of what my life is about is up to me.

I really enjoyed looking graphically at my life and the things that empowered me and not just the life planning, but all the pieces of To Our Health! had to do with encouragement and empowerment.

I remember limping up the driveway to this mini-retreat and I really came out much more whole because I was reminded to look within, to see the resources that I had within me. So a lot of it was about inner-knowing and finding out what matters to you personally

I was very enthusiastic about the To Our Health! program and it has been very beneficial to me. My life was kind of really crazy when I first got involved and I felt like just the socialization of being involved, talking to other women, learning about people with other issues was very, very helpful to me.

Some of the foods that were served to me at our different sessions were just fabulous and I just thought, maybe this is what I should do, I should just eat better.

One thing I really love about this health program was that I was able to focus on what I wanted to do with my life, how to improve my personal life and work on it, so it gives me more energy, more focus.

We did the life planning.   When you write things down, you seem to be able to focus more I think on the actual issues and I have been able to release or to relieve or let go, I guess of a lot of things that were bogging me down, you know and I just really feel better, I really do. I’m excited. I’m glad that I was a part of it

So letting people know that they have what they need and then to be able to get a health review with this nurse health advocate was really wonderful. It was just the back up that I needed to be sort of reminded that I know what I need to do and taking care of yourself is the first thing that you need to do.

I went to the orientation and they explained what it was and actually last year was a year for me where I decided to do things differently.

I went and I did the RN health planning and it was just a good thing to go and see where I wanted to be with my health and where I was and maybe what I was focusing on was not the most important thing at that moment.

My goal was to lose weight and exercise more and it wasn’t so much of a diet exercise regiment, it was more of a complete life change, like lifestyle change instead of a temporary thing, a way to make my life healthy.

After going through the orientation with To Our Health, I ended up starting at a weight  loss group and I’m up to 33 pounds now lost doing this since last march. And I’m eating a lot healthier. I’m also learning to take time for myself and sometimes that means saying no to other things.

Coming to the orientation, having the food that was prepared there and coming to the life planning and also the food that was prepared there and I changed the way I eat, what I look for in food.

And as part of me doing it, the way my family eats has also changed and I’ve been trying new and different things and getting away from foods that are not really good for you. My eight year old son is all about that. He looks at his food and he wants to know what it is, he’s like my partner in healthy eating and exercise now.

I would say that the life planning was an event that I really enjoyed and being there with people who were there also to look at their life and evaluate their goals. It helped really focus everything down and I had certain things to focus on and it made all the worry and chaos in life go away cause it helped me really plan on what goals were important and which ones had priority.

I still have all the papers that we did at the life planning, sitting there on my filing cabinet and I look at them all the time about who I was and who I want to be and who I am and it really just helps out to go through the process with other people who are looking for the same thing that you are. So there’s just a lot of support through the To Our Health! program.

So I got introduced the program and I really did take advantage of as much as you can imagine. I probably watched most of the videos.  The real gem was the life planning mini-retreat.

It’s really fun and I really wish I could take you guys home with me sometimes because, boy you come over and you get food that’s beautiful in color, in flavor, and in health and then a lot the times, you know the programs I’ve been to, I go home feeling better about myself and usually stop at the whole foods market on the way home and grab something really healthy. And I don’t know, it’s just pushing me in the right direction.

The way I wake up in the morning, I have no headaches and no feeling of intoxication that I had before. And one of my favorite things to do to deal with my stress is to cook, so that’s what really got me with To Our Health! and I’ve learned about, they’re not really diets. They’re delicious foods but they are different and I start using so I use quinoa and mullet. I use more lemon, more ginger and learning with To Our Health! that ginger is an anti-inflammatory. I have less pains on my body, and I walk, exercise and meditate and I am happy.

And it’s really pretty simple, what I’ve learned, but it’s more just empowering myself to do what’s right for me and knowing that if  I do what’s right for me that I can do a good job in life and be happy…it’s pretty simple.