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1YearGCEnh 1YearGCBal 1YearGCAdv
Annual Membership
Member Coordinator & Online Resources

Improve your life with this flexible plan. Enhance includes orientation and a wide range of benefits and services to optimize your health.

+Phone based coaching & Mini-Retreat of your choice

Building on the Enhance plan, Balance includes personalized, one-on-one coaching and support, as well as a mini-retreat of your choice to expand your personal wellness goals.

+Personal Health & Wellness Plan

A comprehensive wellness package, Advance includes RN Health Advocate/Coaches who assist you to personalize your wellness profile and write a personal plan.

Detailed orientation to TOH! and its programs
Completion of a personal health and wellness assessment, including a wellness profile and on-going support
Access to healthy living videos, tips and monthly newsletter
Access to a membership coordinator to maximize the use of To Our Health! resources
A web/tech coach to facilitate ease of navigation on the To Our Health! website
Referrals to a wide array of community and online resources, blogs, news feeds, an extensive community resource library and health and wellness apps
Smoking cessation program
Access to recommended practitioners and services at discounted rates
Onsite and online classes, mini-retreats, and personal training focused on nutrition, stress reduction, life planning, journaling, mitigating chronic disease and other modules tailored to you nutrition, stress reduction, life planning, mitigating chronic disease and other modules tailored to your needs.
Phone-based wellness coaching for on-going personal support (3 months)
Access to your own RN Health Advocate/Coach to achieve your wellness goals
Continued interaction with an RN Health Advocate/Coach to maximize the use of To Our Health! resources (3 months)
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Our services can supplement, replace or reinforce your existing health plan. Through Offerings à la Carte you can tailor your plan by adding additional services you need.

Here are three affordable plans that put professional healthcare experts to work for you. We start by asking: Where are you now? Where do you want to go? What can we do to help you get there?

All member packages include discounts for products and services in To Our Health! Offerings à la Carte to compliment their package.

Additional support: Members with complex conditions can tailor personal packages to address special needs. Family packages available upon request.

*Rates subject to change