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What Is To Our Health!?

To Our Health! (TOH!) is a consumer directed organization that supports members in achieving optimum health and wellness, while mitigating the impact of cost and chronic illness. Based on a wellness approach to health, TOH! makes the process easy and fulfilling.

What is To Our Health’s mission?

We have come together as a member-driven organization of individuals and healthcare practitioners to make health and wellness accessible, affordable, easy to understand and integrated into your life.

How is To Our Health! unique?

Designed to be a replicable model. TOH! is committed to enhance the health care delivery focus from disease management to include substantive prevention and wellness protocols. Based upon years of research, TOH! Wellness approach is developed to meet the needs and preferences of consumers and practitioners. Through ongoing communication and interaction with its Members, TOH! helps Members to make a personal commitment to their own wellness. Members are provided with the latest information, resources, classes, support groups and ongoing coaching.

Why join TOH!?

To Our Health! is based on the preferences and needs of the members.
Members join because they want:

What does To Our Health! offer members?

I already have insurance, why would I join To Our Health!?

Evidence shows that even with insurance, if you lack the kind of support, education and advocacy offered by TOH!, you are still subject to most of the inherent risks associated with the inability of the current health care system to improve outcomes and lower costs.

These programs have traditionally resulted in lower insurance premiums as you improve risk scores.

I don’t have insurance, but know I need to go on the insurance exchange and sign up this year or pay a penalty?

TOH! provides a list of integrated health services, including insurance, based on a member rating system. As options through the ACA mandated state exchanges become clearer, the recommendations for insurance will be reflected.