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TOH! partners with members, practitioners and community organizations to offer events, services and classes that support members' optimum health.

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To Our Health! is a member-driven organization of individuals and health care professionals. Our mission is to make health and wellness accessible, affordable and easy to understand. We support our members in improving their health by offering an array of individually tailored resources designed to make the complex health care system easier to navigate.

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“To Our Health! helped me understand it's about empowering myself and doing what's right for me, so I can be happy and healthy.”

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Good health – build your dreams on it.

You have vivid, compelling dreams for your life. Realizing those dreams takes vision, perseverance, good health and, sometimes, the help of a passionate advocate, mentor or coach. You need easy, yet sophisticated ways to make your journey easier. And the journey should be fun, too!

Better health is up to you.

Only you have the power to create wellness for yourself. Sometimes, you just need a little encouragement to get there. To Our Health! gives you the confidence – and so much more.

We don’t just talk about nutrition; we inspire new thinking about food. We talk less about stress and more about ways to reduce it. To Our Health! provides support, education and resources to achieve your optimum health.

Put your plan into action.

To Our Health! works with you to help you achieve positive life changes. To Our Health! moves you forward by asking: Where are you now? What do you want to do? What can To Our Health! do to help you reach your goals?

Working together with your personal coaches, you can make sensible and well-informed decisions and find your true, best, healthy self.

Let us inspire you.

As a member-driven organization, To Our Health! carefully listens to you. To Our Health! utilizes proven methods to assist in identifying paths to wellness, which include an extensive menu of specialty health and wellness services at discounted rates.

Whether you’re adding to your existing plan or just getting started, To Our Health!’s goal is to support you with useful tools to improve multiple aspects of your health and wellness.

72% of program participants experienced a positive change,
58% reported five or more positive changes.
What Our Members Say
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To Our Health!™ is a consumer-directed health and wellness organization. Based on an in-depth analysis of the current health care system, it is designed not only to bring costs down, but also to help mitigate risks, improve outcomes and satisfaction for both consumers and practitioners.

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